About us

Caffetteria 800: a home base for you and your friends.

If you want to enjoy a break surrounded by the old town of Como, it has to be with us! Caffetteria 800 is always ready to welcome its customers, delighting them with tidbits and various delicacies. You can always find yourself at ease at our venue as we offer nothing but premium quality. Whether it is summer or winter, we’ll create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere which will fill your day with energy. Here’s what you need to know about us!

Our team always at your disposal

Caffetteria 800 is a bar filled with history that manifests the balanced harmony between snack, aperitivos and coffee, just as our slogan mentions. More in detail, we reside in Via Armando Diaz, into the town center; reaching us is remarkably easy. If you opt to come to our Cafetteria, you can be ensured of finding high degrees of professionalism. In fact, our staff is made of professionals with a wide range of experience behind their back, ready to fulfill your demands and provide you with the traditional tasty of Como. Furthermore, our main objective is creating a friendly environment for our clients. Caffetteria 800 is your Italian home away from home, a place for you to relax and give you freedom away from your everyday life. Moreover, we take care of all the details of our home, cleaning and sanitizing every corner. If you want to experience first hand the benefits of our staff and services we offer, come visit us for your next break!

A core business divided in three

Our core business is divided into three main categories. Our first is coffee. We provide excellent coffee paired with high quality companions like croissants and other Italian breakfast delicacies that will curb your craving right as your breakfast peak hits. Secondly, we offer restaurant services, thanks to which you’ll be able to appreciate paninis, piadinas, salads, focaccia and many more full menu options curated by our kitchen staff. The last part of our core business is the Aperitivos. Cafeteria 800 has an extensive array of cold cuts, cheeses, and beverages that make us the ideal choice for appetizers and drinks by yourself or with company.

Outside year-round

Caffetteria 800 is equipped with spacious outside tables that you’ll be able to use regardless of the time of the year. In fact, even through our bitter winters, we have patio heaters installed in order to warm up the environment for our customers. Additionally, as you’re seated at one of our tables, you can have a glass of our red or white wines from our selection, making your break all the more special.

Come to us and you will not regret it!

Would you like to have a meal and taste great specialties? Do not indulge any further, come to us and try out our refined Italian cuisine and delicacies. Have a look at our menus and take advantage of the special prices we reserve to all clients.